Tryout Information

We are excited to announce that we will be starting our tryout process from next week!

Due to the current guidelines, these will run differently to the way they have worked in the past.

We have 13 bookable time slots available Tuesday-Thursday at various times. Each time slot allows for a maximum of 8 athletes, and can be booked on the app (Join us, Tryouts 20/21, book a slot).

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All that we are assessing during these sessions is tumbles, both conditioning wise as well as skill level, so non tumblers and beginners are still encouraged to come as will assess your ability with the conditioning side of tumbling. (We are still planning a non-tumble team for this season, so will also bear this in mind with our placements). The tryout process takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere, so please do not be worried. Even if you’ve never cheered before, we love to train athletes from the ground up!

Based on what we see at tryouts and the current guidelines for how many athletes can be in the gym, we will then allocate ‘Bubbles’ of between 10-16 athletes. These will also take into account athlete age, so we will not have 7 year olds and 15 years olds in the same training bubble. These will not be final teams and will just be named after colours. Training for the next few weeks will be in these training bubbles only whilst we continue to asses other aspects of cheer including 

-Tumbling difficulty, execution and consistency

-Athleticism, ability to keep up with a fast paced motions and movements

-Dance ability, performance and technique

-Jump Technique, height and landings

-Stunt Conditioning, knowledge and grips

-Ability to accept and apply instruction

-Stretches for flyers

-Overall attitude

Once we are able to stunt again we will hold stunt assessments before finalising our teams for the 20-21 season.

 To attend tryouts you must be registered on our new system. This can be done here 



If you cannot attend these tryouts but are still interested in joining please email so an individual or video tryout can be arranged.

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